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I'm Ritesh Kanchi, and I am a student designer and developer.

About me

About Me

My name is Ritesh Kanchi. I am a junior with a background in digital product development and design. I create products of both function and form, finding solutions that are both intuitive and elegant. I am also a WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge Winner.

I develop applications and websites, as well as create user interfaces and experiences. In my spare time, I participate in FTC, FRC, TSA, and UIL.

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Here are some of my highlighted projects I have worked on.


STEMpump is a student-led initiative that teaches students the best of STEM technologies for free.

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Abstraction is a student-led startup company where students learn how to develop products. We develop products that change the world for the better.



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If you want to hire me, ask a question, or just chat, feel free to message me through these social channels.